Company move

Print these few tips for the record

Moving a business is more complex and takes longer than moving a simple apartment or house. The larger the structure, the more complicated the move will be.

6 months before...

Declare your change of address to the court, this is mandatory. Thereafter, the court will publish an advertisement in its newspaper.

Before you sign the lease of your new premises, you must organize an audit with the owner and building professionals. This audit will give you an idea of the work to be done before you leave.

Following this audit, you will be required to file your notice. Check your contract and choose a suitable date.

A company move must be organized. Ask yourself the right questions:

How many offices should be transferred?

How many employees participate in the moves?vIs there any safety rules to follow?

Will the company's equipment be adapted to the new premises?

But his questions are only examples, all the questions that seem important to you must be addressed.

After having dealt with these questions, choose the service that best suits your needs: economic, standard or turnkey.

You now have all the essential information to organize an exemplary company move J.

3 months before...

3 months have passed, it's time to choose your moving service provider. Place your ad for free and without obligation on FretBay to get several quotes from professional carriers. Don't forget to take out insurance for your computer equipment and/or fragile equipment.

Formally or over a good cup of coffee in the break room, communication is important. All staff must be informed of the move. Don't be afraid of negative remarks, it's normal! You change their habits, methods, frameworks etc.

Efficiency and productivity are the key words of your company? It is therefore necessary to anticipate the work on your new premises (electricity, partitions, etc.). Use professional and legal building service providers and compare their quotes.

Two months before...

Your new premises are dashing! Do not neglect the current premises and return them as you found them. The work is often minimal but important: repainting walls, redoing carpets.

One month before...

It's time for the SORTING. Each employee sorts, throws away, files, archives, documents, objects, materials and starts cleaning his office and prepares his boxes.
As with a traditional move, don't forget to make all your address changes with all your partners: customers, suppliers, bank, insurance... It would be a shame to lose your address book:/
Contact your operator to have your line transferred. Make sure to mention to your operator a date on which your line must be cut in your old premises. You must be reachable even during the moving period!
IMPORTANT: Remember to change the address of your business cards, letterheads, etc.

10 days before...

The employees have started cleaning their offices, but don't forget the reception, toilets, break room etc. Several alternatives are available to you depending on your budget and your means:
- Use your cleaning staff...
- Use your maintenance employees...
- Use your employees.

1 day before

Finalize your boxes while discussing with your colleagues. Many tips can make unloading easier. Write down the name, office number, department or a distinctive sign that will allow you to quickly find your boxes.


In order not to disrupt the company's operations, it is preferable to schedule the move on weekends or at night, the service provider must put furniture, digital equipment and machinery back in place.
A little extra, a "support" email address can be created to centralize information. Your employees' little worries about loss of cardboard, phone or Internet connection malfunctions will be better handled.

10 days later...

Remember to put all your employees at ease in the company's new premises by blowing the cork off a bottle of champagne!