FretBay Scam Prevention

FretBay protects you against fraud and scams by systematically checking carriers before approving them on the site. Indeed, carriers are only validated after having received the legal documents of their company: Kbis, transport licence and their identity. It is only after this check that carriers are entitled to carry out deliveries on FretBay. In addition, a dedicated dispute resolution service has been set up.

As a result, users are scrupulously protected. Nevertheless, there are still some carriers on dubious websites, that prevent the protection of customers 100% against fraud. FretBay has put in place some tips to protect you as well as possible.

Differentiate between fraud and litigation

Indeed, a dispute is the expression of a dispute between two minimum parties which must be submitted to a court for a decision, whereas fraud is an dishonest act done with the intention of deceiving.

If a dispute arises with your carrier, please send us an email to All complaints must be in writing, and no complaint will be accepted by telephone. A dedicated team will take care of the problem and act as a mediator between you and the carrier

FretBay has observed several recurring complaints

  • My carrier did not arrive with a vehicle large enough to accommodate the entire load
  • My carrier is asking for more money than the amount announced on FretBay
  • My carrier does not provide me with proof of insurance for the transport of my items
  • My carrier never came to pick up the shipment and has already been paid
  • My carrier did not meet the expected delivery times/was several hours late

If you encounter any of these situations, send us an email so that we can resolve the dispute together.

Common scenarios of online fraud and scams

Fraudsters often use the same schemes to conduct their scams. That's why FretBay has gathered here the recurring fraud scenarios:

The carrier asks you to make the payment by cash transfer:

It is good to know that you can pay a professional up to 3000€ in cash. Beyond this amount, you will have to use another payment method (cheque, credit card, bank transfer...). In addition, money transfers are often made through Western Union or Moneygram. These sites are not suitable for this type of payment because the money is not tracked and is therefore not refundable. Fraudsters using this type of payment often claim the amount of money before the service is delivered.

Feel free to refuse or cancel the service if you do not feel comfortable with the service provider. Contact our customer service at or send an email to if you have any doubt...

To protect yourself from this type of fraud, pay for the services with a secure payment method: by credit card, Paypal account, cash up to 3000 euros, bank transfer. It should be noted that FretBay partner transport and removal companies are small SMEs, VSEs, etc. and do not always have the credit card payment device, which is why they can require cash payment. In addition, payments by cheque are no longer always appreciated due to a large number of frauds.

You receive an advertising type email announcing that FretBay has items that you have just purchased online, or that FretBay has a facility to store the same items

This type of message is common when you buy a large item or a car/motorcycle on a classified ad site. The author of the message will tell you that FretBay is in possession of the item just purchased. Fraudsters try, by sending this message, to impersonate the company in order to steal your bank or personal information. To do this, scammers manufacture and send you invoices and information about false loads. To be sure that the email is sent by FretBay, look at the sender's address. All emails sent by FretBay have the domain name If the email is not sent from FretBay, do not reply to it as authors often request cash payments.

Be aware that FretBay is never in possession of your items: only the movers have them.

If you receive emails that seem unreliable to you, feel free to contact us at or to

You booked and paid for the transport before the service but since then you have had no news

Even if FretBay leaves the choice of payment to the carriers, some ask for a deposit or full payment of the invoice before the service is provided. If you are in this situation, do not pay through cash transfers (see above).

If you ever want to cancel the service because you are no longer confident, contact our customer service at

The carrier is on his way with the load but does not seem to want to deliver it

If the carrier has loaded your goods and you suspect him, try to contact him. If you are sure that the carrier does not intend to deliver your goods to you, contact customer service quickly at Also contact the police to take the necessary measures for a conventional robbery.