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From Paris to London

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A piece of furniture to carry?

A new or used piece of furniture, bought in a shop or on a site like eBay?Don't pay the fees of transport that cost as much as the price of the furniture! Thanks to FretBay, you will be able to benefit from the services of our professional transporters who will take care of transporting your furniture safely and at an unbeatable price. Thanks to our system of By filling the empty spaces on trucks, FretBay is able to offer you quotes for cheap transportsOur underbidding system allows you to freely choose the cheapest bid and peacefully plan your furniture transport.

Furniture delivery

First of all, you must decide on the level of service you want to receive for your Low-cost furniture transport:

  • Would you like the furniture carrier to pack your dresser, wardrobe, sofa before delivery, will you do it yourself or is it not necessary?
  • Do objects have to be dismantled before furniture is transported? If so, will you do it or would you like the furniture mover to do it himself?
  • If the furniture is located on the upper floor, will the furniture mover be responsible for lowering it or will this be done upon arrival at the loading area?
  • Will a furniture lift be necessary? Should the object be taken out through a window?

Carefully choose the title of your listing, it will give the furniture movers the key elements of your listing. Examples: "Moving furniture London-Rome", "Delivering sofa fourth floor", "Seeking furniture mover in south France", or more simply "Delivery of furniture" or "Transport furniture Berlin"...

Don't forget to specify all these modalities in your request for furniture delivery as they will affect the price estimate you will be offered by the furniture movers. The options included in the proposed price must be as clear as possible for both the shipper and the furniture mover.

Whether it's a small individual furniture transport or a large furniture moving over a long distance, you will find the furniture mover that suits you on FretBay.com.